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Office Insurance Your Customers Will Love

If you are a brand that serves the home or business office segments and would like to explore embedded insurance for home or business offices contact us now.

Important Considerations

Don’t Skimp on Liability Limits

$1,000,000 or $5,000,000? We suggest that you get the highest limit you are comfortable with. The cost of liability insurance is not linear, a $5,000,000 limit will not cost much more than a $1,000,000. At the minimum, we recommend a $2,000,000 limit. We highly recommend that you review your rental or lease agreement as it is likely to specify the limit you are required to carry.

Don’t Forget the Landlord

Once again, check your rental or lease agreement. It is very likely that your landlord wants to be added to your policy as an additional insured. This is quite common and extends liability coverage to the landlord for your acts as a tenant.

Insure Your Contents

Ensure that you are carrying proper limits for your contents. This includes not only property you own but any improvements (called betterments) that you have made to the space you are renting/leasing. Once again, the biggest mistake that you can make is not having enough in the event of a claim.

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