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Insurance as a Service

for Top Brands

To meet the rising demand for embedded financial products we created an Insurance as a Service (IaaS) technology platform. A white-labeled insurance experience our brand partners can serve their customers.

Lower Costs

100% of all distribution tasks from underwriting through policy delivery are automated. Currently over 70% of all distribution costs are related to automatable manual tasks and friction between stakeholders.

Customer Experience

Give customers an unparalleled insurance shopping experience. Fewer questions, AI driven recommendations and instant fulfillment of all processes including policy change will delight customers. All this and lower prices, too.

Trusted Brands

Insurance has low brand recognition and less consumer trust. Now customers can shop for insurance with a brand they recognize and trust. Brand Partners can increase recurring revenues and further engage customers.

Benefits of Adding Embedded Insurance as a Service

Recurring Revenues

Recurring revenue from insurance sales provides a new predictable source of additional revenue.

Customer Lifetime Value

Increase your customer lifetime value and overall profitability.

Customer Engagement

Further engage your customers by offering an almost mandatory product that you can help them save money with.

Insurance Buyers Want

Lower Prices

Price is the key decision factor in the insurance buying process. Give customers what they want.


One industry pundit described what insurance buyers want is “ordering a pizza easy” insurance buying process.


Currently insurance buyers want more personalization in the insurance purchase experience.

Trusted Brands

Customers don’t trust their insurance companies but they do trust brands they recognize on an unaided basis.


Customer Risk Profile

Awywi uses AI to give recommendations for products and coverages matched a customer’s risk profile.


Our proprietary insurance platform automates 100% of all insurance processes. This means lower costs and instant service.

Multiple Insurers

Every insurer has a different appetite and multiple insurers means more choice and lower prices. Not just on new policies but renewals, too.


Be the first to experience Real-Time in insurance. Go from application to quote, purchase and download all in just minutes. Make a policy change on your phone and instantly download your new policy.

Renewal Remarketing

Customers will automatically get remarketed at renewal to ensure that they are getting the best terms at the best price for their dollar.


Every customer segment is different and we identify the best products/coverages that fit their insurance needs and personal risk profiles.

The IaaS Platform

Awywi’s technology platform creates branded instances for each brand partner. Each instance is capable of managing an insurance policy’s full lifecycle with a consumer facing front end platform. Awywi digitizes the roles of Retail Agent, Insurer and Re/Insurer.

Our market platform offers a 100% Real-Time experience for all insurance coverages. By automating the complex insurance process customers can save 25% or more on annual insurance costs.

Our products can range from simple embedded insurance products like warranty to more engaging insurance products like home or auto to business insurance. We believe everyone will have access to easy and affordable insurance services that they might even love!

Other insurance solutions have grown out of a single insurer relationship which limits choice and savings. The initial sale is the focus, rather than the long term relationship. Don’t put your valuable customers in the renewal trap of spiraling insurance increases. That is why our platform enables multiple insurers in Real-Time and requotes with all of our insurers on every renewal.

This is the future of Insurance

What does the future of insurance look like? It is less expensive, easier and can be purchased from a trusted brand. Give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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About Us

We started Awywi to overcome the burden of inefficiency that plagues the insurance industry. A burden borne by customers in the form of high prices and low service levels. This leaves insurance shoppers having to choose between better service (agency) or lower prices (direct).

We built our Insurance as a Service Platform to give insurance shoppers the best prices, service and insurance…

“Any Way You Want It!”