Insurance breakthrough

Unprecedented Broker Opportunity

Get breakthrough growth and profit advantage by leveraging Awywi’s new Insurance Fulfillment Platform.

The Insurance Fulfillment Platform (IFP) enables the ultimate multi-carrier Real-Time customer insurance experience. IFP uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for customer self-serve of: quoting, issuing, policy change, renewals and payment processing. Throughout the self-serve process a broker representative can step in, as needed, for advice, guidance or support.

IFP Delivers

Lowest costs with the ultimate in customer service. All made possible utilizing the latest cloud-based technology platform. Imagined and developed from the customer out.

Lowest Cost of Distribution

Dramatically lower costs to distribute to commercial group and affinity insurance products. Get an advantage over all competitors.

  • over 70% of all distribution expenses are compensation related
  • for insurance brokers, manual processes and service friction are burdens that brokers must overcome with additional staffing, thus inflating compensation
    • by removing manual processes and service friction, Awywi can cut distribution costs between 50% and 75%

Customer Experience

Customers are shopping and switching like never before. D2C gives them the service and lower pricing that broker delivered solutions haven’t yet. Brokers using IFP can give unparalleled customer service.

  • new and renewal multi-insurer quotes
  • insurance on demand (where and when required)
  • AI driven recommendations
  • Throughout the self-serve process a broker representative can step in, as needed, for advice, guidance or support.
  • easy to use
  • all quoting, issuing, policy change, renewals, payment processing occur in Real-Time
  • offer customers more affordable insurance solutions

Scalable Flexibility

Some solutions only do part of the job or are limited in scale. Awywi’s Insurance Fulfillment Platform utilizes Functions as a Service (FaaS) technology to meet increased usage demand in single-digit milliseconds.

  • unlimited scalability – grow revenue without additional costs
  • capable of handling tens of thousands of simultaneous policy transactions per second
  • no specific technical limit to the types of insurance products that can be in the system
  • rapid deployment of new products

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