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Reinsurance Reimagined

Finally, insurance that works for reinsurers, too! When you partner with Awywi you get the same Real-Time information as all the other stakeholders in the insurance vertical. Immediately know when policy risks are created, changed, renewed or cancelled.

Aggregation Advantage

Better yet, because Awywi is a multiple insurer platform, reinsurers can have Real-Time aggregated views of their entire portfolio! This allows for exposure mitigation and the ability to de-risk a portfolio when necessary. Awywi can work with Reinsurers to find alternative risk transfer mechanisms from parametric insurance to capital markets.

Create New Solutions

Spreading risk and avoiding risk concentration can create opportunities to be more competitive, manage the unpredictable outcomes from climate change and create totally new opportunities where none have existed.

Insurer Advantages

Through Awywi, Reinsurers can provide Real-Time underwriting tools for all of their markets so they can go fully digital and create a superior customer experience without heavy investment or digital capabilities. Reinsurers can creatively participate at lower levels of attachment for attractive segments.

Learn more about Awywi for Reinsurers in these downloadable Infographics

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