Our Founders

Our co-founders bring a unique combination of insurance distribution and technology experience. The Awywi distribution platform is the culmination of years of collaboration for a single purpose – making insurance…

“Customer First!”

This meant throwing out existing notions of insurance distribution and limiting technologies. We had to make insurance less expensive and better without the BULL.

What we got was insurance without commissions, instantly delivered with all of the benefits of working with multiple insurers as a full service independent insurance broker.

Steven Kaukinen


CEO & Co-Founder
  • 30 year Insurance & Technology Executive
  • invented RapidQuote; Hundreds of millions in Issued Premium since 1996
  • Invented BindEasy; Over 30,000 “No Touch” Issued Policies
  • Insurance Carrier Executive & Agency Owner

Dominik Kaukinen

B. Eng. (Mechatronics & Management)

CTO & Co-Founder
  • 7 years owning and operating software consulting firm
  • Experience building data-driven software applications in: fintech, aerospace, and automotive
  • Artificial intelligence expertise