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See How Awywi Works

Now is the best time to add Insurance to your popular brand and there is no easier way to to that than Awywi’s Insurance as a Service platform.

These demonstrations shows how simply a Contractors insurance policy can be quoted, purchased and modified. The following products are all available for demonstration:

  • Commercial CMP, CPP
  • Contractors
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Term Life
  • Pleasurecraft (Marine)
  • Homeowners

Demonstration For New Policy

Both demonstrations are best viewed in full screen 1080p from here or go to Youtube.

Demonstration for a Policy Change

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About Us

We started Awywi to overcome the burden of inefficiency that plagues the insurance industry. A burden borne by customers in the form of high prices and low service levels. This leaves insurance shoppers having to choose between better service (agency) or lower prices (direct).

We built our Insurance as a Service Platform to give insurance shoppers the best prices, service and insurance…

“Any Way You Want It!”

Read about our story…