Perfect Insurance for Your Farm

Farms are more complex today than ever before. We’ll recommend coverages, coverage amounts and deductibles that offer the best protection for you, no matter what you do.

Important Considerations

Personal & Commercial Lines

For insurance purposes, farms fall into a unique category where there is a mix of both personal and commercial activities going on. Most farms serve as residents for their operators as well as their principal occupation. We’ll protect both with the right coverages and best insurers to choose from. The best part is that you will save by not paying commissions.

All Types of Farms

Farmers can come in any size and form. Some farms have limited operations and some are incredibly mixed and engage in a number of activities. This includes many non-traditional commercial operations. With us you have room to grow both up and out.

Home Insurance

Your home is where you and your family sleep at night. It must be insured as a proper personal use home. Homes come with special limits and additional coverages that commercial policies don’t have. We only work with reputable insurers who are knowledgeable with farm dwellings. If there are significant differences in coverage we’ll bring that to your attention and recommend the best for you.

Farm Structures

Home insurance does cover some personal use buildings (garden sheds, unattached garages) but it won’t cover buildings used for farm or other commercial activities.

The cost of insuring farm buildings varies greatly depending upon construction, use, occupancy, age, heating (heated, unheated, or type of heating unit used). Plumbing, age of roof and electrical are also used to determine pricing.

Where possible buildings should be insured for replacement cost and on a broad form coverage. Our automated underwriting platform will advise you on your alternatives and recommend coverages that fit your situation and structures.

Commercial Operations

Just as there are many types of traditional and mixed farms added to that mix are many non-traditional commercial activities. From the not so obscure roadside stand to:

ATV/Horse Riding Trails
Airstrip (Own Property)
Bed & Breakfast
Custom Farming
Custom Spraying
Dog Kennel
Farm Vacation
Fishing on Farm
Gravel Pit
Hay / Sleigh Rides
Horse Boarding (Under 10)
Horse Boarding (10 to 20)
Horse Boarding (Over 20)
Horse Pulls

Machine & Welding Shop
Maintenance Work
Petting Zoo
Pick Your Own
Ponds, Rivers, Swimming Pools
Riding Arena
Roadside Stand
Sale of Wood / Maple Syrup
Sales Order Taking
Sales Barn
Seed Corn Sales
Show Animals
Special Occasion Events
Small Engine Repair
Snow Removal
Trail Rides
Unusual Animals
Vehicle & Boat Storage

Farm Equipment

Farm equipment is necessary for carrying out farming operations smoothly. Insuring your equipment is likely necessary for financial qualifications but even more so for the protection of your income.

However, there are many critical times when you simply cannot afford to have your equipment down due to an insured loss. This is where you have to have rental replacement coverage so that you aren’t losing valuable time at key situations.

Liability Insurance

Understanding liability limits, the coverage they provide and how they are rated is important. Firstly, society is getting more litigious all the time. Lawsuits can be necessary or they can be frivolous, yet they can all cost lots of time and money. Limits are often $1,000,000 and go up in increments. Too often we see farms with $500,000 in protection. We wouldn’t even offer that limit. Why? Liability rates are not linear. A $1,000,000 limit is only slightly more expensive (like 25% more or so). $2,000,000 is only slightly more than $1,000,000. When you consider the cost of incrementally increasing your liability limits, it never outweighs the benefit of protection that a higher limit provides.

Business Interruption

Don’t forget business interruption insurance. We want to make it easier for you to add a necessary protection of ensuring that you are never left without income protection when you can’t operate your farm due to an insurable event.


Limited liability pollution is available for those that qualify. You should really consider this coverage as the regulators are getting tougher on polluters. It only takes a single accident event to cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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Have a question or need advice?

If you are unsure of the meaning of a coverage there is always a “more information” link to the right of the coverage or limit to get more information. You can also text, email, or call Awywi at any time.