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the future of underwriting

Innovation StationSM

Awywi’s Innovation StationSM is an integral part of our Insurance as a Service Platform. It enables insurers to give a 100% Real-Time customer experience: their customers will now be able to quote, purchase, download, make any changes or renew in Real-Time.

Innovation StationSM was built with customer experience in mind. It uses InnovAppSM , which only requires customers to complete one simple application for all of their insurance coverage requirements. Customers will never have to complete another insurance application again!

Innovation StationSM, performs the tasks of traditional Policy Administration Systems but within the context of the Insurance as a Service Platform (IaaS). Awywi’s IaaS Platform then automates 100% of the underwriting activity in a D2C environment..

However, a regular policy administration system never contemplated a 100% automated Real-Time customer experience. The only way this could be accomplished is within an entirely automated process without requiring human manipulation.

This also means that Innovation StationSM is Insurer System Agnostic. Innovation StationSM can work with any insurer policy management system.

Insurers can take advantage of IFP’s full-stack platform to dramatically reduce expenses and improve the customer experience without extensive changes to current operating models, systems or infrastructure. They can simply plug and play.

Every insurer can access their own Innovation StationSM while Awywi takes care of all the back-end processing to allow ease of implementation. Interaction with IFP is all 100% No Code, so even administrators with no coding experience can get up and running fast. 

Beyond a 100% automated Real-Time customer experience and ease of implementation, Innovation StationSM and IFP reduce speed to market to hours and days. Always know that products work as intended with the IFP built in testing facility available for all critical events through to policy issue and change.

Give us a call for a demo. You can see for yourself how Awywi’s Insurance IaaS Platform will transform your customer experience beyond imagination.

System Agnostic

Duck Creek, no creek or up the creek, it makes no difference what insurers are using for their policy management systems (even if not using one) to work with Awywi’s Insurance as a Service Platform. Being system-agnostic is necessary for a platform that can simultaneously handle ALL types of policy transactions in unlimited numbers for multiple insurers.

Let the Innovation Begin

Challenge us to bring your imagination to life. If you can dream it, Innovation StationSM can do it. Give us a minute and we’ll show you how. Even better, have a commercial product and want to automate it, we’ll do it for your own free demo in Innovation StationSM . How cool is that!