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Embedded Insurance: The Beginning of the End of Insurance?

The Future of Embedded Insurance goes beyond insurance.

Digitalization Aims to Solve the Most Urgent Problem in Insurance

Insurance must digitally transform if it’s going to meet the most urgent problem in insurance: Climate Change.

Why Insurance Needs Real-Time Now

Real-Time Insurance is necessary for lower costs and benefits throughout the entire distribution vertical from customer to reinsurer.

De-risking Insurance with NFTs and Blockchain

we will look at a blockchain solution that provides real-time transparency into reinsurer/insurer exposure, as well as a market to lend/sell/buy risk to increase or decrease exposure by region

Understanding The Value Of Personalized Attention In Insurance

The J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Small Commercial Insurance Study identified a lack of proactive support and personalized attention as causes for a significant drop in scores for a second year in a row. This …

Open Door to Opportunity
Insurance Shopping Survey: Covid-19 Reveals Need for New Service Solutions

New J.D. Power 2021 Shopping Survey shows Insurance needs new service solutions that prioritize customers. The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging enough for the insurance industry. Business interr…

Insurance Distribution Tech: Innovation Boon?

What is the current state of distribution technology and technological readiness in the P&C Insurance industry today? Is it a boon or barrier to innovation? Does it matter? There is significant in…

Time for Insurance to Replace the Flathead

Current insurance industry technology for many companies is like the “New” Ford V8 Engine (AKA “Flathead”) introduced in 1932. It was a breakthrough for a multitude of reasons: A better design for gre…

6 Trends Influencing Profitable Growth in Insurance

There are forces that are quickly changing the insurance distribution landscape. This is good news because innovative insurers can take advantage of these forces…

Direct-to-Consumer 2.0

We are talking about a multi-carrier Real-Time customer insurance experience.

How to Accelerate Insurance Innovation

Technology alone can’t create innovation. Insurance Innovation, specifically, happens when the business champions (the doers) solve problems…

Digitizing Insurance: “Get a horse!”

(Originally published 4 years ago, I wanted to repost because this is still what insurance looks like today. In fact, this was the genesis of Awywi to prove that anyone, including both Dominik and I, …