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Awywi is Much More Than Comparing Insurance Rates

Seems like everybody’s got a price
I wonder how they sleep at night

When the sale comes first and the truth comes second

Jessie J & B.o.B

A cursory glance may give the viewer the idea that Awywi is just another insurance price comparison tool. This is not what Awywi is. Awywi is a proprietary Insurance as a Service platform designed from the Customer First Principle; what would insurance look like if it were built for customers today?

The most distinguishing feature of Awywi is that we put our money where our mouth is and do not accept commission, instead we pass 100% of the commission we would get to our customers. NO ONE has ever done this before AND THAT IS DIFFERENT.

But that is not all, as we say, you can have insurance any way you want it, so Awywi is fully supported by licensed independent agents. Here is the difference between Awywi and Insurance Comparison websites.

FeatureAwywiQuote Comparers
Instant Quote with Guaranteed PriceYesYes quotes, but no guarantees that is your final price, in fact, it is not likely going to be your final price – trier beware!
Multiple InsurersYesYes, but many direct insurers may make it appear that you are getting multiple quotes, when, in fact, you aren’t
Buy InstantlyYes, if you get a quote you can purchase your policy and have it immediately.No, you get sent to the insurers website OR someone will call/contact you within a day or two. BEWARE: Many sites promise buy now, which is often not true. If you have shopped on-line, then you have probably experienced this.
Best PriceYes, always. Unlike many that claim you can save up to “blah blah blah”, we save insurers money which we pass on to you. You always get the benefit of multiple quotes.NO. The truth is that Comparison sites work by charging insurers money, they don’t save insurers money. They are just another intermediary that you have to pay for.
Best AdviceYes, we use technology to help you select coverages and insurers that are best for you. We also provide licensed agents who you can chat with when you want.No, most quote comparison sites just compare price. Often the coverages are quite different.
Renewal ShoppingYou can be assured that we will shop for the best coverage and insurer at the best price every year.No, once you have selected an insurer you are no longer going to get price comparisons on renewal.
Automated Policy Change AllowedYes, Awywi provides our insurance partners with the technology to make seamless mid-term changes where required.No.
Policy WalletYes, Awywi organizes all of your insurance policies in one convenient policy wallet. No mess, no fuss, your proof of insurance and policy when you need it.No.
Sent to Insurers Website to Answer MORE QuestionsNEVER, get your quotes and purchase any quote from any insurer instantly.Yes.
CommissionWe do not receive commissions for products purchased on the Awywi website. We pass all of our commission savings to the customer. In certain circumstance you may seek the assistance of an affiliated insurance agent who we pay a small commission for their assistance. We will let you know if that is the case.Yes, that is how they get paid.
Quality InsurersYes, we only work with quality insurance companies. We continuously monitor our companies for competitiveness, claims service and product choice. We only work with partners that share our passion for making the Customer First.No, while we use a rigorous vetting process to select insurers, we don’t see the same rigor applied by Comparison Sites. You are NOT their customer, you are the selected insurance company’s customer.
Claims AdvocacyYou are our client, we are experienced insurance professionals and here to help you when you need it.No.
Comparable CoveragesWe ensure that you are looking at apples to apples for comparison purposes. Some insurers have better coverages than others or at least different and we’ll try to point that out to you to, so you can make more informed decisions.There are very superficial similarities in coverages, but insurance company’s are all different. One quoting site we examined seemed to offer homeowner’s insurance from one company that seemed to good to be true. It was, when we were redirected to the insurer’s website, we had to answer a whole new set of questions including whether we wanted our CONTENTS insured. Of course we did, however, once that necessary coverage was added, the price was now very similar to all the other insurers (who obviously think your Contents needs insuring). This is now known as the comparison site that we call the BAIT AND SWITCH site.

We built our solution from the ground up on one single principle; Customer First! Are we perfect? Not yet, but we will keep trying to make sure that you are happy with us.