Awywi First to Offer Zero Commission – Insurance Business Canada

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Awywi’s new Insurance Fulfillment Platform can deliver most insurance products without commission offering customers a new option for buying their insurance.

Customers need a more affordable option for insurance – Any Way You Want It. Independent research also shows customers want more than price comparison but also advice, instant fulfillment, and less complexity. Using AI and RPA technologies, Awywi and partnering insurers offer customers:

  1. Lowest prices – ALWAYS
  2. Ability to quote and purchase insurance in real-time from multiple companies
  3. Insurance matched to the customer’s own risk profile
  4. Automatically remarketed every year to ensure best product fit and price
  5. Easy real-time policy changes as required
  6. 24/7 access to all their insurance needs including personal & commercial lines to travel, health or life with the convenience managing all their insurance products in a personal “policy wallet” including quotes and policies.