Livestock Coverage

The declaration page of your insurance policy will show the “classes” of livestock you are insuring (cattle, horses, swine, poultry, sheep, rabbits, deer, ostrich etc) separately. If you will be buying and selling animals during the term of your policy be sure that your agent or broker has explained the notification requirements.

Market or cash value is normally used to determine the value of dead livestock at the time of a loss. The policy contract will have an upper limit, such as $4,000 for an individual animal. Individual animals with a higher value should be identified and listed separately on the livestock schedule.

The named perils list is much longer. In addition to those listed above for buildings and produce, livestock is also covered for:

        accidental shooting



        attack by wild animals and non-owned dogs

        blizzard, snowstorm, sleet storm or rainstorm

        falling or collapse of buildings and trees

        entrapment, piling, smothering


Consult your agent or broker if you have a concern about a particular cause of loss (peril) causing death or destruction of your livestock. Some endorsements offer coverage for such perils as ingestion of hardware, power interruption and heat prostration.

The coinsurance clause will usually apply to livestock. If the value of your livestock varies constantly over your policy term ask your agent or broker about a “stock reporting option”.

Any compensation by government for livestock loss will be deducted from the settlement.