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an insurtech startup with history

Awywi’s Story

We weren’t born yesterday. We have been on a long insurance improvement journey. Ultimately, our success is defined by our brand partner’s customers insurance buying journeys.

It all began in the 90’s with the invention of Rapidquote – to give quick quotations for commercial lines products and reduce underwriting costs. This was the beginning of our Kaizen…

In 2013, Steve co-founded ITS BindEasy, a B2B platform between insurers and brokers, to give quotes and instantly issue policies in commercial lines insurance.

We quickly implemented a succession of customized platforms as ITS BindEasy.

As we implemented more quote & issue commercial insurance platforms we had an inspiration. While brokers were saving money and insurers were saving money, customers were being left out.

We went back to the drawing board and decided that customers deserved better so we created the Awywi 0% commission platform.

Now we are silently partnering with non-insurance brands to distribute a lower cost insurance option to customers that already know and trust their favorite brands. Our 0% commission platform is able to save customers, on average, hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in insurance costs. All the while enjoying an easier and more convenient insurance journey with a brand they know and trust.